Millie, mother of Jack, 11:

"We were very happy with how you managed Jack's sessions - we felt that you had taken on board all the issues we raised in our first exploratory meeting, and honed things down to make a manageable series of sessions with a particular focus. I feel confident that you would have picked up on anything else 'lurking' through the time you had with Jack. You also clearly connected well with Jack - his energy can be hard going sometimes, and it takes perseverence to get past his many distractions! Having all the toys and games to engage him with was a great strategy.
It is of course always strange to be on the 'outside' of a relationship which involves your child - but I felt that you handled that well for us - by giving lots of feedback, and regular updates."

Samira, 34:  

"When I first met Rabhya, I felt anxious, powerless and invisible. I couldn't see a way through my family and relationship problems. Rabhya and I have been working on locating and developing my true voice and needs. I’m grateful to have worked with her on aspects of self-esteem, assertiveness and identity. It’s been such an important journey for me so far and I now feel so much more able to go it alone. I highly recommend her." 

James, 16:

"Since we finished working together, everything's been fine. I've had a few days where I've felt off but other than that I've been fine.

The work I found useful was that where we went through each particular thought I
had been struggling with and discussed why it wasn't necessarily rational. Other
than that, the talking towards the end of the time was useful as I didn't have
many people to explain my thoughts to and it meant I could talk it through and
not have someone just expressing empathy.

Thank you for all your help Rabhya."